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Open Energy makes it easy to search, access, and securely share energy data.

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The simplest way to find and securely share energy data

Open Energy allows your organisation to easily use internal and external data to drive towards net zero. It streamlines data access and secure data sharing, while automating the compliance process.

Distribution network operators, startups, researchers, and stakeholders across the industry can drive innovation through data with Open Energy.

Open Energy is created and operated by Icebreaker One, an independent non-profit making data work harder to deliver net zero. Learn More.

For Data Consumers

Powerful search to discover energy data.

Easily search and filter data to quickly find the right result. Open Energy’s Metadata standards ensure that files contain useful attributes which help describe datasets across a range of providers and consumers.

Clearly find licence information and links data via tags and related search results, and follow data providers as they post new datasets, and report issues with a dataset.

For Data Providers

Financial-grade security means your data is in good hands.

Secure and compliant data-sharing is our priority. If you share your data with Open Energy, your data remains in your databases under your management.

On Open Energy, commercial data flows through a secured financial grade API (FAPI), designed for the banking industry and others that require higher API security; open data flows through a public/open API (OAPI).

Coming soon · For Data Providers

Control who can access your data with a push of a button.

Using Access Control, Open Energy Member data providers can publish it securely, knowing their data will only ever be shared according to the rules and policies they’ve agreed to. Set your terms and security requirements once, and Access Control will apply those rules to every organisation that wants to use your data.

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